1. D

    MATE LibreOffice GTK3 - Black fonts on Dark UI

    I compiled the LibreOffice port with GTK3 support and while it mostly looks fine, there are a few buttons with black text and they seem to be hard-coded with black text. Perhaps there is a way to change them, but I couldn't find anything online. The theme I use is Skeuos on MATE, but any dark...
  2. black_metal

    Color Picker?

    hey, you all. Just switched to FreeBSD from Gentoo and I am honestly enjoying the experience so far. I am however wondering what you guys use for grabbing hex-code colors and saving them for ricing, convenience etc? I used Gpick while on Gentoo and unless I am blind, I don't see any color...
  3. C

    How to change background color of FreeBSD terminal

    Hi all, I am not able to find out the exact solution of how can I change the background color of the FreeBSD terminal. I wanted to know if there is any command (similar to setterm in linux) in FreeBSD by which we can change background/foreground terminal colors. Any alternative of the...
  4. Nicola Mingotti

    How to print Man pages in colors ?

    Hi, I like to read man pages one the web in colors as in: I would like to have some of them in pdf, in colors as well. Is it possible? I tried to export them to pdf via browser but they don't come well formatted. I saw the option of exporting to "pdf" in...