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  1. B

    Code - OSS on Freebsd 13.2 - unable to connect to terminal

    Code - OSS on Freebsd 13.2 - unable to connect to terminal. Gives the following popup. "The connection to the terminal's pty host process is unresponsive, the terminals may stop working." -- Restart pty host. Changed the shell to bash. Tried killing the pty process, still issue persists.
  2. Cath O'Deray

    Code - OSS making excessive use of the CPU before and after quit

    Code - OSS a.k.a. Visual Studio Code a.k.a. VS Code a.k.a. VSCode – editors/vscode Before quit (Control-Q): After quit, excessive use persists. I can use htop to kill the process, however I'd prefer to diagnose the bug, if not too difficult. Any suggestions? TIA Postscript Difficult to...
  3. diortemew

    VSCode (Code - OSS)

    I'm running v1.54.3, but also found v1.56.2 in ports. But they both deprecate in three days. I understand it's from the python2.7; should I be worried? I couldn't get Atom to work, so kind of concerned. Is VSCode not getting updated for FreeBSD 13? Or am I missing something? _diortem