1. R

    MySQL 8 with Galera Cluster

    Hello Folks, I see that repo has everting needed to setup MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 with Galera Cluster. However for MySQL 8 only the library is provided. I don't see the wsrep patch anywhere. Has anyone set this up on BSD?
  2. A

    Solved Cluster size limit in newfs_msdos(8)

    FAT32: Maximum cluster size for FAT32 is 256K. Windows: Microsoft documentation and related blogs are all over the places. They generally state that max is 64K -- they rarely mentioned 256K. I've read somewhere clusters larger than 64K in Windows may cause problem for calculating space (in some...
  3. D

    FreeBSD HPC Software

    Hello, some of the most important HPC (High Performance Cluster) Software (Like OpenPBS) can't be found on BSD natively. Does FreeBSD has an software stack similar to OpenHPC Specification? I really want to endorse the usage of BSD systems on HPCs but the software support is limiting me. Thanks!
  4. vermaden

    HOWTO: RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD Containers

    I would like to share HOWTO about RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD. RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD Containers #verblog #amqp #cluster #containers #freebsd #go #HA #jails #rabbitmq
  5. vermaden

    HOWTO: MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on FreeBSD

    I would like to share setup of 5-node MongoDB replica set cluster on FreeBSD, its an addendum to the earlier article so use these two as one for complete FreeBSD setup. Addendum - MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on FreeBSD...
  6. BlindPenguin

    Installing MariaDB 10.1.8 on FreeBSD 10.2

    Hi, iI've played around with the new release of MariaDB and managed to compile and launch it. Here is what iI did so far: At first install the Galera lib from ports. This should also build most dependencies which are needed to build MariaDB. Then download source code from here (click). After...