1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    ZFS Complete tool for automated backups to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure

    Hi FreeBSD Gurus! Please suggest me tool (ready-to-use package with webGUI would be perfect) to automate/schedule backup (whole ZFS drive or part of it) on the fly to cloud drive like AWS. Ability to making backup on external mass storage (USB/SATA/FC-connected) would be pleasurable feature...
  2. F

    Proxmox | Cloud-Init initialization using FreeBSD VM QCOW2 image

    Hello! I managed to successfully clone the FreeBSD images for versions 12.3 and 13.0 but I have two small issues with the "FreeBSD - cloudinit" combination. Specifically, I intend to activate the `sshd` service from the first boot and set the root user password. The lines below do exactly the...
  3. subnetspider

    HOWTO: Setting up FreeBSD 13 on a IONOS VPS Server

    This Post was inspired by point-to-point-connection-32-network.82257 and Adding a Public IPv4 and IPv6 Address to a Linux Server (Ubuntu and Debian). Hello everyone, in this guide, I want to show you how I have set up the network and installed the VMware tools on my FreeBSD 13 VPS server...
  4. A

    Solved How FreeBSD Forums prevented me from KMS

    3.15 inch OneHalf and the tale of long-tailed !ant¡-Virus distribution Many years ago, after I got bitten by OneHalf, I've developed some kind of backup procedure. It wasn't perfect at the time, but it was working and got better over several years. I don't consume antivirus, and I disable...
  5. dave

    Prevent FreeBSD-Update On Cloud Instance Creation

    Starting cloud instances and waiting for freebsd-update to complete is really tedious. And it gets worse with each patch level for a release. I understand that keeping FreeBSD up to date is important, but I dare say this is draconian. Is there a way to prevent the freebsd-update process on...
  6. P

    qemu Hetzner Cloud CPX instance - disk/network not detected

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any success using the Hetzner Cloud ( CPX instances with FreeBSD. Hetzner Cloud is actually a really nice platform and although FreeBSD is not formally supported I have been using the older CP instances (Intel Xeon) with no...
  7. vermaden

    HOWTO: Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - Redundant Backup

    I would like to share an article about Fanless FreeBSD Server. Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - Redundant Backup #verblog #cloud #freebsd #freenas #hardware #storage #zfs #nas #backup
  8. A

    Implementing CARP in a Cloud Based Infrastructure

    Hello to all! Hope you are all good! My query is that I am trying to implement automatic failover of 2 FreeBSD firewalls (acting as edge gateway), using CARP, in a cloud based environment and the problem is that the infrastructure does not support multicast traffic, or any other pre-reqs for...
  9. rigoletto@

    Just Microsoft being Microsoft.

    Azure: It's getting hot in here, so shut down all your cores. US customers wake up to sleepy cloud service. No comments needed. :cool:
  10. Angelo Klin

    IPFW Private VPN + Firewall on a VPS

    Hello All, With all the fuzz and issues with security and privacy these days I decided to give it a go with a VPN, mostly for the fun and challenge. I am partially done with a scenario that sounds very typical these days, although it is not necessary plain vanilla. The overall idea is...
  11. Rafal Lukawiecki

    Opinions requested: FreeBSD on AWS EC2 vs Amazon Linux etc

    As a relative newcomer to FreeBSD, but something of a lapsed veteran of the Unix/System V era, I am curious about returning to my Unix roots by running FreeBSD in the Amazon and/or Azure clouds. My company online training business will be upgrading soon, and we have an option, one that arises...