1. Sergei_Shablovsky

    ZFS Complete tool for automated backups to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure

    Hi FreeBSD Gurus! Please suggest me tool (ready-to-use package with webGUI for tuning and operation, would be perfect) to automate/schedule backup (whole ZFS drive or part of it) on the fly to cloud drive like AWS. Ability to making backup on external mass storage (USB/SATA/FC-connected) would...
  2. F

    Proxmox | Cloud-Init initialization using FreeBSD VM QCOW2 image

    Hello! I managed to successfully clone the FreeBSD images for versions 12.3 and 13.0 but I have two small issues with the "FreeBSD - cloudinit" combination. Specifically, I intend to activate the `sshd` service from the first boot and set the root user password. The lines below do exactly the...
  3. subnetspider

    HOWTO: Setting up FreeBSD 13 on a IONOS VPS Server

    Update 2023-12-20 This guide applies only to the VMware based "Virtual Server Cloud" VPS servers, which have been discontinued in mid 2023 and replaced with the "VPS Linux" servers. Due to problems with getting IPv6 to work reliably with the IONOS VPS, I have also updated the IPv6 Networking...
  4. A

    Solved How FreeBSD Forums prevented me from KMS

    3.15 inch OneHalf and the tale of long-tailed !ant¡-Virus distribution Many years ago, after I got bitten by OneHalf, I've developed some kind of backup procedure. It wasn't perfect at the time, but it was working and got better over several years. I don't consume antivirus, and I disable...
  5. dave

    Prevent FreeBSD-Update On Cloud Instance Creation

    Starting cloud instances and waiting for freebsd-update to complete is really tedious. And it gets worse with each patch level for a release. I understand that keeping FreeBSD up to date is important, but I dare say this is draconian. Is there a way to prevent the freebsd-update process on...
  6. P

    qemu Hetzner Cloud CPX instance - disk/network not detected

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any success using the Hetzner Cloud ( CPX instances with FreeBSD. Hetzner Cloud is actually a really nice platform and although FreeBSD is not formally supported I have been using the older CP instances (Intel Xeon) with no...
  7. vermaden

    HOWTO: Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - Redundant Backup

    I would like to share an article about Fanless FreeBSD Server. Silent Fanless FreeBSD Server - Redundant Backup #verblog #cloud #freebsd #freenas #hardware #storage #zfs #nas #backup
  8. A

    Implementing CARP in a Cloud Based Infrastructure

    Hello to all! Hope you are all good! My query is that I am trying to implement automatic failover of 2 FreeBSD firewalls (acting as edge gateway), using CARP, in a cloud based environment and the problem is that the infrastructure does not support multicast traffic, or any other pre-reqs for...
  9. rigoletto@

    Just Microsoft being Microsoft.

    Azure: It's getting hot in here, so shut down all your cores. US customers wake up to sleepy cloud service. No comments needed. :cool:
  10. Angelo Klin

    IPFW Private VPN + Firewall on a VPS

    Hello All, With all the fuzz and issues with security and privacy these days I decided to give it a go with a VPN, mostly for the fun and challenge. I am partially done with a scenario that sounds very typical these days, although it is not necessary plain vanilla. The overall idea is...
  11. Rafal Lukawiecki

    Opinions requested: FreeBSD on AWS EC2 vs Amazon Linux etc

    As a relative newcomer to FreeBSD, but something of a lapsed veteran of the Unix/System V era, I am curious about returning to my Unix roots by running FreeBSD in the Amazon and/or Azure clouds. My company online training business will be upgrading soon, and we have an option, one that arises...