1. kr0m

    Solved Cloud-init bhyve virtual machine

    Hello I am trying to get working an Ubuntu cloud image passing data-source information throught SMBIOS serial field, I am using vm-bhyve to manage my virtual machines, the steps that I have followed are the following: vm create -c 2 -m 2G -s 15G -t linux-zvol -i...
  2. E

    cloud-init and ipv6

    I started a project where I deploy one golden template with cloud-init installed and then clone the template for my VM's. It seems the FreeBSD renderer for networking in cloud-init doesn't support IPv6 at all. I've looked at the code, and it just looks for 'static' interfaces, it doesn't deal...
  3. F

    Proxmox | Cloud-Init initialization using FreeBSD VM QCOW2 image

    Hello! I managed to successfully clone the FreeBSD images for versions 12.3 and 13.0 but I have two small issues with the "FreeBSD - cloudinit" combination. Specifically, I intend to activate the `sshd` service from the first boot and set the root user password. The lines below do exactly the...