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    Clone existing FreeBSD Install onto a disk with Windows 10 already

    I have found out that the little netbook I use for learning about FreeBSD is capable (in theory at least) of running Windows 10. I am going to upgrade the RAM (to 2GB!) and add a larger HDD and give it a go but I am happy with the way I have FreeBSD set up so I would prefer to clone my current...
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    Solved Offline

    Is there a way to have a full clone of on a PC? * Offline -- Setting up some type of local CGI server, to execute queries and read the result on a local browser. * Complete -- With all its set of man pages, represented on <select name="manpath">...
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    Solved Git clone in not-empty UFS2 directory, containing .snap and .sujournal

    Background: On one of my PC, I keep /usr/src, /usr/ports and /usr/doc sources in separate freebsd-ufs partitions, on separate HDD/MBR. This way, I can upgrade to the next snapshot (using ISO) -- both stable and current, and keep my Git clone-ed sources (same for CVS) Problem: But Git needs...
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    Solved Git deep clone vs. shallow clone

    Git deep clone vs shallow clone, what's the difference between the two, and what are the limitations of choosing Shallow Clone over Deep Clone? I've read and few other FreeBSD related Git blogs, but I'm still confused.
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    Solved How much HDD space do I need to Git clone main (deep vs. shallow)

    How much HDD space do I need to 1. Git deep clone main. 2. Git shallow clone main.