1. D

    Solved Fatal Error On DRM Load

    Hello,I have been trying to get clinfo to display my GPU correctly. Currently it displays: clGetDeviceIDs(NULL, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL, ...) No devices found in platform [Clover?] At first I tried loading the Radeon GPU DRM radeonkms.ko but when I try to load it I get a fatal trap 12 page fault...
  2. `Orum

    Getting OpenCL to work with Intel iGPUs?

    I'm trying to get an Intel HD 530 to show up as a valid OpenCL device, but try as I might, I've been unsuccessful so far. I've installed intel-compute-runtime, and drm-kmod (and loaded the driver), but it's still not listed by clinfo. I've also added the account running it to the 'video'...