checksum errors

  1. D

    Solved IP traffic from host to netgraph VM invalid

    I created a ng_bridge with link0 and link1 connected to my physical devices lower and upper. I then created a bhyve VM with a netgraph virtio-net device that is connected to link2. Here is `ngctl dot` to help visualize it: Here is ngctl commands I issued: msg re0: setpromisc 1 msg re0...
  2. S

    Solved Cannot connect to Samba share from Windows 10.

    I have been battling with a very strange issue all day (and evening) today. A month back, I set up a server (13.2-RELEASE) the main function of which is to serve files to Windows clients (samba416-4.16.11). There are about 6 PCs on the site and all have been connecting to the server without a...
  3. M

    problems with pkg fetch -a to create local mirror

    I'm struggling to create a local mirror, to use when internet access is not available or permitted by hosts, and to store custom packages. The problem is checksum failures which stop the transfer. Some times it runs for a while, but at other times fails on every package. I have tried a smaller...
  4. pming

    ZFS Permanent errors in ZVOL / ZFS checksum error question

    Hello everyone, * It's me again * Today I have the following problem: I recently created a ZVOL to use it as a disk for a Windows VM with bhyve. It worked fine for a few days until some software reported I/O problems with that "disk". admin@server:~ % sudo zpool status -v tank Passwort...