1. cgenie

    Solved Biboumi problems

    Hello, I'm using freebsb 13.2. I have ejabberd there, set up at somedomain. I wanted do host my own biboumi xmpp <-> irc bridge. I set it up with hostname = irc.somedomain xmpp_server = I also added this to the listen list in ejabberd.yml: i have this in `listen` in ejabberd...
  2. vienuolis

    Solved ssl-cert group

    Hi FreeBSD masters and daemons. I just installed mail/cyrus-imapd34 mail server and going to set it up according to its manual: I am wondering why there is no such group named ssl-cert nor similar in /etc/group, while /usr/local/etc/ssl with cert.pm and /etc/ssl/certs with links to many certs...
  3. dch

    Solved pkg(8) and fetch(1) errors with let's encrypt certs after 12.2-RELEASE

    This caused me a fair bit of grief last week, so hopefully this saves somebody else some. The issue is that after running freebsd-update on an existing system, to get to 12.2-RELEASE, that running pkg (or any fetch-related command), errors similar to the following turn up: Certificate...
  4. henninb

    Solved Apache/SSL setup not working with Firefox

    I am working on setting up SSL on apache24 web server on my local network with a self signed certificate. I am able to confirm it is working with curl and openssl (see the details below), however I am not able to get it working with firefox. I imported my self signed cert to firefox, however...
  5. daBee

    LAN Development 'Domain' SSL Setup

    I'm wanting to generate a self-signed certificate for LAN-only development and testing. The virtual host will be alpha.local, and it is only for nginx serving. The handbook requires a machine name for a virtual host, i.e.: Common Name (e.g. server FQDN or YOUR name)...
  6. Donald Baud

    HowTo: SSL/TLS certificates with acme.sh

    Note: this post is amended because the updated port security/acme.sh is now using its own convention home directory /var/db/acme with dedicated user/group acme:acme The idea is to limit the use of elevated privileges as much as possible. ================ - What is this about? security/acme.sh...
  7. W

    OpenSSL Certificates for Dovecot and Postfix

    Hey guys, Someone have an tutorial teaching how to get SSL DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA working for Dovecot and Postfix? I did the Certificate key using: openssl ecparam -genkey -name secp384r -out usr/local/etc/ssl/private/mail.mydomain.com.key Then the Certificate Sign Request: openssl req -new...