1. rafael_grether

    Poudriere ccache on a ZFS dataset

    Hey folks, I'm migrating a server to OpenZFS. I mounted the /poudriere dataset to another disk/zpool. My question would be whether it is worth creating a /ccache dataset, or whether to create /ccache on a UFS disk. I just have 8GB RAM. Would a /ccache dataset be too overwhelming? Or a simples...
  2. Alain De Vos

    ccache problem

    I've had problems with ccache. I don't know why. In one of the directories I have stats.lock. And I am unable to remove that file. a:root: /tmp/ccache_old/4 #rm stats.lock rm: stats.lock: No such file or directory a:root: /tmp/ccache_old/4 #aa [./stats: No such file or directory (os error 2)]...
  3. epopen

    Base system src build won't work with devel/ccache look like

    Hi All I had been setup devel/ccache for SRC and ports build at /etc/make.conf and /etc/src.conf as below. WITH_CCACHE_BUILD=yes devel/ccache work fine with ports build but src build won't. I saw src build make took devel/ccache as below. --- MC/MCSchedule.o --- /usr/local/bin/ccache c++ -O2...
  4. Sevendogsbsd

    HOWTO: Speeding up poudriere build times

    Using ports-mgmt/poudriere with devel/ccache, tmpfs and parallel jobs can speed up your package build times. How much depends entirely on your hardware. Keep in mind there are quite a few pages out on the Internet about this so when I did my set up, I pulled from several. My aim for this HOWTO...
  5. Sevendogsbsd

    Solved Questions about Poudriere and ccache

    So, user Vermaden suggested I write a HOWTO about my implementation of ccache and tmpfs, based on my success in (possibly) decreasing the build time of packages so other folks who use ports-mgmt/poudriere could potentially benefit as well. Before I do this, I want to be sure the numbers I am...
  6. cvnmjs

    Firefox Unexpectedly Closes (Bus error)

    Hello all, At irregular intervals I have this problem of www/firefox (compiled from ports) closing unexpectedly. It happens across all four Firefox profiles. After it closes I can find a 'firefox.core' file in various directories. When I launch Firefox from the shells/fish shell and the process...
  7. fizk

    How to use distcc/ccache with

    I'm trying to build FreeBSD across my three servers, but I'm struggling to get the /usr/src/release/ script to use distcc and ccache. Any help would be appreciated! distcc/ccache actually works for a few minutes, but beginning with buildworld, distcc/ccache is not used. What...