1. dbdemon

    Where is Capsicum?

    I've read about Capsicum on a superficial level, but I don't know / understand the finer details. I was hoping it would be discussed in the Handbook, but I don't see Capsicum mentioned there. Did I just miss it? There is a chapter on Mandatory Access Control - is that it? Is Capsicum something...
  2. U

    Requesting info on Capsicum specifically intergration with programs E.G. Firefox

    I have been reviewing the documentation and have not been able to find anything relating to how capsicum is integrated into the OS nor how one needs to configure the program. When installing Firefox/Firefox-esr, I received a message from the pkg (line 9 is what I am referring to), 4 ##...
  3. pcoppock1

    Solved Can't `write` another logged in user

    root@host0:~ # who user1 pts/0 Sep 18 13:08 ( user2 pts/1 Sep 18 13:09 ( root@host0:~ # write user2 write: user2 is not logged in The truss follows: root@host0:~ # truss write user2 mmap(0x0,131072,PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE,MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANON,-1,0x0)...
  4. rigoletto@

    P2P core/daemon/engine in base?

    Hello. While trying to sleep yesterday I had this idea. Nothing new and probably will not be implemented, specially by me who can't write code, but I am sharing it anyway. The idea would be to have a P2P core/daemon/engine in Base with some API to be used by clients including pkg...
  5. E

    Capsicum not enabled by default on ARM

    I submitted this a while back, but never heard back: What concerns me about this is that cap_enter() doesn't kill the program if it's disabled. I don't think any compiler warnings are sent, nor anything at run time. It just silently...