1. GJSchaller

    PHP 8.0 command line ignoring php.ini in FreeBSD 13.1 Jail

    Setup - this issue is occurring in a FreeBSD jail on a TrueNAS system. While the host is TrueNAS, the issue is happening purely within a FreeBSD environment (the Jail). I have a Jail running FreeBSD 13.1, running Caddy as a webserver, PHP 8.0, and Nextcloud. The jail was generated from a...
  2. justrjlewis

    rc.d daemon not processing command flags

    I started working with a great web server called caddy and started working on an rc.d script to get it running as a service. I put together a script that mostly worked seen here. The bug in this original script was that the service would start on boot/reboot, but it didn’t play well with the...
  3. justrjlewis

    Solved rc.d script for caddy server - not quite working

    I followed the tutorial for practical rc.d scripting to enable caddy web server on my DO FreeBSD 10.2 droplet. It's very simple, which is probably why it's not quite working as expected. So let me start by posting my questions, then I'll show my code. The pre-commit check list says: 2.Does...
  4. jungleboogie

    inetd app startup problem

    Hello All, Thanks for reading. I've asked a few questions on the -questions mailing list before but I think I'll post this problem here for visibility now and in the future. I found out about a project called caddy, which is written in the go language: It's a simple to...