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  1. N

    C Undefined symbol mid run of program

    I am running a C program that has some string split function calls. Undefined symbol "strtok@FBSD_1.0" - During the string split, i get this call, i can clearly tell its the strtok function which is a tokenizer function. I have it in these files #pragma once #include <stdint.h> /* uint */...
  2. R

    C Creating a virtual environment for C programs

    I am having fun learning the C language, however, coming from Python, there is a feature that I really like. And that's virtualenvs which isolates packages you use in your program from your main system. This is really helpful for me. As an example, last day I needed a package that would help me...
  3. H

    C man strncasecmp

    I cannot imagine that for strncasecmp the strings must be '\0' terminated, but the man page is not precise.
  4. rigoletto@

    C Is Not a Low-level Language

    C Is Not a Low-level Language Your computer is not a fast PDP-11. Thanks @debdrup who posted the link on IRC.
  5. clawhammer

    Solved need help with advanced programming in the unix environment

    If anyone has experience going through this book it would be great. I am starting the book and downloaded the source files. I am new to freebsd and am stuck with how to use these and follow along with the book. I was told to use the make command on the files but I am not familiar with how it...
  6. A

    C C programming best IDE for FreeBSD -- can't find one

    This is about answering some questions of the best IDE ever for FreeBSD. I did install some before I came to write this post. At least I reach a personal satisfaction …. Hope will answer some searches on C programming and compilers. Windows will not do that for you. But what do I know, there...