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    Howto set newer LLVM version as default compiler on FreeBSD10.4?

    How can I force FreeBSD 10.4 to use a newer LLVM version like 4.0 to compile cc libs? I installed LLVM4.0 via ports and I change my /etc/make.conf : CC=clang40 CXX=clang++40 CPP=clang-cpp40 If if run clang --version it shows 3.4 the default one is used... How can I setup my LLVM version...
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    C/C++ Compile error with clang++ 3.4

    I've ported Pacific Bioscience's unanimity, but the latest does not compile with clang 3.4.1 (base compiler on 10.4). It's fine with clang 4 or 5. I'd prefer to patch the code to work with clang 3.4 rather than add an llvm dependency for 10.4-RELEASE. Any hints would be appreciated. In the...