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    hello on my server clang 11.0.1 version is installed but my project is compiled with clang14, when I write the command " pkg install clang14 " I get an error like clang14 not found. please help me solve this problem, thank you.
  2. A

    C++ Cross Compiling using FreeBSD Clang

    I have a project that involves frequent cross compilation to aarch64 Linux using clang (and lld). This is linked / built against a sysroot for aarch64 Linux. A simple test program builds fine on Linux and macOS (using LLVM clang not Apple clang as it does not support lld), however it fails to...
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    Solved Failed to compile any C++ using std::ranges::reverse with clang

    I have attempted to compile ueberzugpp (Überzug++) a few times using clang/clang++ (14, 15, and 16) and gcc14/gcc++14. clang --version returns 14.0.5. I am on 13.2-RELEASE and am fully up to date with both freebsd-update and pkg, which is set to latest. I first satisfied its dependencies pkg...
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    C++ Clang C++ CPU profiling on FreeBSD 12.3?

    Background I have experience developing primarily on Windows, and have used Microsoft Visual Studio's Performance Profiler to track down issues. Documentation includes step-by-step instructions and screenshots of example results. I have very little experience with either Linux or FreeBSD. Our...
  5. coyote_zed

    C importing <format>

    I'm working at re-acquainting myself with c++ and I'm working on the 2020 standard and I'm using FreeBSD 13.1. When compiling my code I am using these options: clang++ -Wall -pedantic-errors -pedantic -std=c++2a -fmodules. I am running into an issue where I import <formatting> but when I try to...
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    Solved Some ordinary characters terminate input stream

    I discovered a peculiar problem with std::cin string input in a clang-compiled C++ program on FreeBSD. A sample code illustrating the issue follows. #include <iostream> int main() { double num{}; std::string id; while (std::cin >> num >> id) std::cout << "You entered: " << num << " '" << id...
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    Howto set newer LLVM version as default compiler on FreeBSD10.4?

    How can I force FreeBSD 10.4 to use a newer LLVM version like 4.0 to compile cc libs? I installed LLVM4.0 via ports and I change my /etc/make.conf : CC=clang40 CXX=clang++40 CPP=clang-cpp40 If if run clang --version it shows 3.4 the default one is used... How can I setup my LLVM version...
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    C Compile error with clang++ 3.4

    I've ported Pacific Bioscience's unanimity, but the latest does not compile with clang 3.4.1 (base compiler on 10.4). It's fine with clang 4 or 5. I'd prefer to patch the code to work with clang 3.4 rather than add an llvm dependency for 10.4-RELEASE. Any hints would be appreciated. In the...