building kernel

  1. teekwan

    FreeBSD 11.2 kernel recompile throws AVX errors

    Hi! I'm not very experienced with kernel recompiles so you'll excuse some of my ignorances :) I've tried to find any bit of info that could help me to resolve this but since I was unable to, I decided to post here Anyway I need multiple FIBs and that's why I wanted to recompile the kernel. I've...
  2. R

    ERROR: ctfconvert: accf_http.o doesn't have type data to conver

    BSDians, I am newbie starting my FreeBSD development, actually starting to learn FreeBSD kernel development. I am trying to first compile the existing running kernel to get to know the feeling of kernel compilation (of course with some modifications like omitting floppy drive support). After...
  3. syed.khalid

    Kernel Address Sanitizer for FreeBSD kernel

    Is it possible to compile FreeBSD kernel with Kernel Address Sanitizer?
  4. alx82

    Build kernel and kernel modules as normal user

    Hello, I'm trying to build the kernel, with some modules as normal user. I have checked out the code of FreeBSD 11.1 in my home director $HOME/src, then $export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX="$HOME/obj" make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERN Building the kernel went fine, but when it starts to build kernel...
  5. Harmnot

    Should i build new kernel ?

    Hey, I just finished install FreeBSD 11 on external harddisk, and I want to ask about kernel, should I rebuild kernel after installation? I was building kernel , and I cancel it after a hour because it was take very long time and my laptop got very hot on for it , I follow This instructions to...
  6. poorandunlucky

    Solved What's the advantages to building your own kernel, and/or the OS from source?

    So... what's the advantages to building your own kernel, and/or the OS from source? Since I've built everything else... I think there's a guide to building your kernel somewhere, but I don't know if it's still up to date/recommendable...