bsd license

  1. Phishfry

    Looking for a BSD licensed DHCP server

    I am interested in using only BSD licensed software for my routers and software switches. Problem is my favorite DHCP server is dns/dnsmasq but it uses a GPL license. ISC DHCP server no longer uses the ISC license, which was compatible with BSD/MIT style license. But the problem is that ISC DHCP...
  2. rigoletto@

    'Dæmon License': an anti-viral license.

    The objective of the 'Dæmon License' is to create a license completely and clearly incompatible, directly and indirectly, with the COPYLEFT philosophy. Beyond personal convictions, a possible use would be for the corporation XYZ willing to open some random code to be improved community-wise but...
  3. fnoyanisi

    Other Licensing for third party library

    Hi there, I am working on a user library that will be distributed under the terms of BSD license (probably 2-clause one). The library uses some code from net80211 and need to use wpa control interface for 802.1X and WPA/WPA2 related stuff. My questions are; 1 ) Since the work in the user...
  4. roddierod

    BSD license and patents

    I was just reading this article about Sun, Apple and Microsoft threatening to sue each other over patents and the thought occurred to me. Can someone take code written by the FreeBSD project and licensed under the BSD license and modify it slightly and patented it? And if so, how does that play...