1. F

    Solved Can't adjust brightness AMD Ryzen with Vega graphics

    Updated: solved thanks to the info at this message I've been messing around with this laptop (Thinkpad E495) and FreeBSD since last year. While using the 13.0-CURRENT version until march, I was able to change the screen brightness via: $ doas sysctl...
  2. aragats

    Solved Nvidia backlight control

    Exploring a new Dell Precision 7540 with Nvidia Quadro RTX3000: I can't find any way to control the display backlight brightness other that by running x11/nvidia-settings: nvidia-settings -a BacklightBrightness=x # x = 0...100This is good for desktop use with Xorg, but doesn't work for...
  3. P

    freeBSD noob, fighting!!! brightness, touchpad, intel driver

    Hi guys, I'm happy to join this community, sorry form my english. Maybe this post is not helpful, but here I'm, maybe someone that search on google it's interested. I have still some doubt about many things, but in the meantime I was waiting to be accepted here, I have fixed the basic problem...
  4. QdK

    Solved FreeBSD on MacBook Pro (with iGPU, brightness & suspend/resume!)

    For those who want to run FreeBSD on a MacBook Pro, here're some tips to enable the iGPU, screen brightness and get suspend/resume working. Specifically, the Late 2011 model works when following this guide. However, this solution will probably work for a number of MBP models. YMMV. Both the...
  5. rotech911

    Solved Backlight set to zero after X server starts

    Hello friends of BSD, recently, I've been struggling with backlight after X server starts on ASUS laptop. Everything is normally seen in TTY, but after executed startx or automatic slim login manager enabled boot in Xserver dims backlight to zero. For this purpose, I've installed...
  6. UncleBAZINGA

    Samsung Notebook: Display brightness issues

    Hi all, I'm using a Samsung NP530U3C notebook (Core i3 3217U, HD Graphics 4000) with 10.2-RELEASE/GENERIC. Display brightness can't be adjusted via fn keys, but via terminal i.e. intel_backlight <value> works sysctl<value> also works I want to control it via the...