boot loader.conf

  1. M

    netboot problem with loader.efi and nfsroot

    I am attempting to boot FreeBSD (base.txz and kernel.txz of 14-CURRENT snapshot) over the network with nfsroot. My DHCP/NFS server is Ubuntu 20.04 and running dnsmasq for DHCP. It boots a legacy BIOS mode client machine with pxeboot and nfsroot without problem. My loader.conf is...
  2. yaslam

    How to use different resolution in vt(4) for different monitors

    Hello everyone. I use a laptop that has an external display connected to it, my current setup is that for the vt console driver, the default mode is 1920x1080 so the console has a clearer resolution for the external display: /boot/loader.conf kern.vt.fb.default_mode="1920x1080" I want to be...
  3. P

    [FreeNAS] load libiconv.ko with utf-8 into kernel

    I would like to let user besides root to mount a SMB share. It requires filename conversion with UTF-8 encoding. In /boot/loader.conf file, I have added: libiconv_load="YES" And /etc/nsmb.conf file [default] workgroup=WORKGROUP [server] addr= charsets=UTF-8:UTF-8 But mount_smbfs...
  4. meine

    Solved how to boot with messed up /boot/loader.conf ?

    Hi, I messed up my /boot/loader.conf by adding 'vesa_load="YES"' without installing the VESA files first -- n00b mistake... The FreeBSD boot menu has an option to choose 6. Configure Boot Options... ... 2. Load System Defaults I presume this option boots only with /boot/defaults/loader.conf...