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    Solved Pkg: "No address record" with http ports open (PF)

    I'm using a fairly strict PF ruleset on a server and I am having trouble with updating the system. I have port 80 and 443 open (http and https respectively) but I get a "No address record" error when I try to update the repositories. I also have port 21 open in case it used ftp, but it...
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    Solved Block queries to some nameservers

    Having a in-home unbound server for dns queries, I'd like to block queries to other dns nameservers. Take the example of the server. re0 is the network interface that connects to the router, also a FreeBSD box running a dns server. re0 is part of bridge10 as for vnet jails to have access...
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    Solved Vnet jail cannot connect to services running on host

    Hello I am currently learning how to use FreeBSD to host some basic services in Jails I am trying to configure networking with jails. I noticed that if I try to connect from a jail to a web server installed on the host, the connection is blocked even if the firewall is disabled. It is a setup...
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    Recommended approach to host / domain blocking?

    I'm currently using hblock with Arch Linux on my laptop: and now I'm wondering what the recommended approach for something like this could be when using FreeBSD. What comes to mind: Simply stick to using a hosts file Use a DNS resolver like unbound with a blocklist Use a DNS proxy like...