1. D

    IPFW [Solved] Blocking Connections

    (Sorry for being a noob, It's my first time on the forums) Hi, I am using a custom firewall rules script, It supposed to block all connections other than the ones specified here but well, it doesn't here is my script: IPF="ipfw -q add" ipfw -q -f flush #loopback $IPF 10 allow all from any to...
  2. G

    IPFW IPFW partly blocks outbound connections on allowed port

    Hi all, I've simple ruleset mostly showed in freebsd wiki. All works, but sometimes ipfw blocks outbound connections on port 80 and 443, which has allowing rule. ipfw not totally blocks outbound connections, but only few ones. Relevant rules are: outport="$http,$https" $cmd 00200 allow tcp...
  3. I

    Invalidate file in cache (flush file cache) on FreeBSD ?

    I want to invalidate file and remove it from Cache, so that any additional access to that file will go through the lower level storage device. In linux, it's done using syscall ioctl(file_desc, BLKFLSBUF) but what is the equivalent in freeBSD ? P.S. I related the generate file cache...
  4. M

    OpenStack hosted on FreeBSD

    Hi there :) Someone has demonstrated for a while running OpenStack hosted on FreeBSD 11. Described right here For me that sounds awesome. I would like to have a similar setup now with FreeBSD 11 XEN and hosting OpenStack on Dom0. The minimum goal is to run FreeBSD as an Nova Compute Running...
  5. P

    Why were "block devices" dropped?

    I am a relative noob to the storage world in general and FreeBSD in particular. OF what I have been learning of late, I have become somewhat familiar with such concepts like disk queuing, IOPs, latencies and the likes I am also reading the classic 'The design and implementation of the FreeBSD...
  6. vermaden

    Other LSBLK(8) Command for FreeBSD

    Hi, as we all know there is no single command to show storage devices on FreeBSD system. Some grep the dmesg command, some check /var/run/dmesg.boot file, some try camcontrol command and so on ... as I struggle to create any empathy for Linux systems I really like the lsblk command and I always...