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    Solved No UI text in Blender after building port

    I'm having an issue after building the graphics/blender port. Particularly I see no text at all, and when running in the terminal I get the following: blf_load_font_default: 'fonts' data path not found for 'droidsans.ttf', will not be able to display text blf_load_font_default: 'fonts' data...
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    Is it real: UE5 or Godot4, blender3D, Starcaft 2 and Quake Champions on MSI laptop?

    Hello FreeBSD community. Finally! ) I'm sorry for my English, I have not much practice. First of all, what I have: laptop with RTX2060, i7, nvme, uefi. What I know in linux: debian -> slackware -> arch. We scared by videos on YouTube about FreeBSD. They say there are many really simple...