1. patpro

    PF adding "log" to blacklistd anchor?

    Hello, I'm using blacklistd on my FreeBSD 13.x servers (ssh, submission) and I would like pf to log when a connection attempt hit the rule. Currently I use: anchor "blacklistd/*" in on $ext_if I've tried to add "log" at different places in this statement, but got only "syntax error" from...
  2. Buck

    Blacklistd and sshd not acting immediately according to logs

    A curious thing that I'd like to understand. Blacklistd enabled in sshd config. Connecting from another external IP to ssh and issuing two wrong logins/passwords results in immediate lockout, as expected and defined in the config file. A new entry gets added to blacklistd table in pf as...
  3. DutchDaemon

    sendmail from ports + blacklistd - stopped working (?)

    Can someone confirm (or disprove) that the current version of Sendmail from ports (8.15.2_5), explicitly compiled with the blacklistd flag, has stopped feeding offending IPs (e.g. those failing do_auth) to blacklistd since Jan 3? I ran blacklistd -d to check, but the poll() revealed nothing...
  4. alfikmik

    PF blacklistd - manage /var/db/blacklistd.db

    I'm wondering if it is possible to manage blacklistd.db file /var/db/blacklistd.db /var/db/blacklistd.db: Berkeley DB 1.85 (Hash, version 2, native byte-order) I want to have option to remove entry from this file and I'm...
  5. DavidMarec

    Other Blacklistd

    I read that a new daemon called blacklistd is now available in FreeBSD 11, imported from the NetBSD project. If I well understood, it requires others network daemons, like sshd, to be patched to send information regarding connection attempts. For now, what are the daemons that notifies...