bios update

  1. L

    Unable to boot after BIOS chip replacement on motherboard

    I am hoping that I can get some help with my system. I have a Supermicro X9SCM-F motherboard that suffered from this BIOS bug. Some details can be found here. I was not able to boot to my FreeBSD system at all and was not able to complete the BIOS 2.3 update as I was not able to boot into...
  2. Kevin Plummer

    Dell Poweredge R710 Memory / BIOS Update?

    Hi, I am running a Dell R710 Poweredge Server with FreeBSD 10.3. Currently I have 48 GB of physical memory in the server. However I am getting the following, and it appears that not all of the memory is showing up correctly. In dmesg I see the following: real memory = 51539607552 (49152...