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  1. C

    Issue with PXE booting a diskless bhyve guest

    I've attempted to boot a diskless guest via PXE. Unfortunately, it's not working for me. Here's what I have done and tested successfully. All involved systems are FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE: NFSv3 setup on guest 1 "NFS server" exports /nfs and all subdirectories with -maproot=0 base.txz, kernel.txz...
  2. 174bpm

    bhyve Bhyve vm folders empty on reboot, but `init 1` fixes it

    Hey all, Somewhat new to freeBSD here. Apologies in advance if this question is already answered somewhere (I have looked) or if this isn't the right venue. If that is the case, kindly let me know! Anyhow, so I have a FreeBSD 13.1 server hosting a bunch of jails and some Bhyve VMs. I created...
  3. byrnejb

    Solved Need help in creating a Rocky Linux Bhyve VM

    FreeBSD-12.3 vm-bhyve-1.4.2 Rocky Linux 9.0 I am trying to install Rock Linux (RL) into a Bhyve VM. What I need help with is how do I determine what GRUB commands are required to get this to happen. Does someone have RL installed into a Bhyve VM and would care to share their configuration...
  4. T

    bhyve How to use BHYVE_UEFI_VARS.fd?

    Hi, Could someone please help explain or point to any notes regarding how to use BHYVE_UEFI_VARS.fd? I've been searching around but couldn't find any yet. TIA,
  5. L

    Solved vm-bhyve cannot install Linux - loader.lua no such file

    When trying to install Devuan Linux as a bhyve virtual machine, there's an error: # vm install -f devuan devuan_beowulf_3.1.1_amd64_desktop-live.iso Starting devuan * found guest in /zroot/vm/devuan * booting... Consoles: userboot FreeBSD/amd64 User boot lua, Revision 1.2 ERROR: cannot open...