1. Voltaire

    MATE MATE performs remarkably poorly in benchmarks

    Here's a benchmark I did today that compares desktop and WM graphics performance in Motionmark 1.2: Mate desktop: PeKWM window manager: dwm window manager...
  2. Voltaire

    Is there an operating system faster than FreeBSD for the Maze Solver benchmark?

    I think I did the 'Maze Resolver' test correctly. This is my result with a 10 year old dual-core CPU: Phoronix results with the 3970X (more recent 32 core CPU): Phoronix results with the 5950X (new 16 core CPU)...
  3. Cath O'Deray

    Benchmarks: FreeBSD 13 vs. NetBSD 9.2 vs. OpenBSD 7 vs. DragonFlyBSD 6 vs. Linux - Phoronix

    February 2021 (FreeBSD 13 BETA): December 2021 (FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE): FreeBSD 13.0 only...
  4. I

    Solved Is there an alternative for CrystalDiskMark?

    I have a Samsung SSD, which freezes Windows with CrystalDiskMark random 4k Q8T8 test. I'd like to run the same test on FreeBSD, but I haven't found any real solution yet. It is possible on Linux with FIO, but it lacks the libaio engine when I install it from ports. In theory it is possible to...
  5. maks

    FreeBSD works slow on Raspberry Pi

    Hi community I have tried to use FreeBSD 12.1 on my Pi3 and found out that it works two times slowly then Raspbian Linux for the same tasks. Here is the results below. p.s. I think it happens because the FreeBSD does not switch the CPU to "Turbo" mode and as a fact it works really slow...
  6. rootbert

    ZFS ZFS Performance FreeBSD vs Linux

    I did a measurement concerning ZFS. I was just interested in a small unscientific performance measurement. It's not really worthwile for a post, however, I just want to share my findings. I bought a new machine and migrated my personal data to this new one. So I could do a fresh installation of...
  7. geek

    GPU benchmark

    Hello. I got a "new" graphics card (Radeon HD 6870, not listed here but 3D acceleration seems to work). I'd like to test its 3D graphics and GPGPU performance on FreeBSD. Are there any suitable utilities for this, for example, in the packages or ports?