1. vermaden

    New ZFS Boot Environments Tool In FreeBSD Base

    New bectl tool imported to FreeBSD base as replacement for beadm tool from FreeBSD Ports. I have made small comparison in New ZFS Boot Environments Tool article. The bectl is already available in 12.0-ALPHA2 image...
  2. Dan MacDonald

    beadm in base

    The very first program I install after installing FreeBSD is beadm so that I can manage boot environments. The main reason I use FreeBSD is for its ZFS support and bootenvs are the star feature. I'm willing to bet a large wodge of cash that I'm not the only person who uses FreeBSD specifically...
  3. grahamperrin

    ZFS safeguarding boot environments

    To safeguard a ZFS boot environment against unwanted removal, is it enough to place a hold on a snapshot? (Are ZFS BEs always snapshot-based?)
  4. N

    Boot environments and FreeBSD 10.3

    I have been using boot environments with ZFS on PC-BSD/TrueOS for a year or so now and really like them. It's nice to be able to reboot and simply rollback the last update if something went wrong. Since FreeBSD 10.3 reports supports for boot environments I gave it a whirl today. I installed the...