1. re600900ra

    Solved Help with drivers for Macbook mid 2012 (Broadcom 4331 Wi-Fi card)

    Hello dear users of the excellent FreeBSD operating system. I am 32 years old, and I live in Russia, in Voronezh. During a long journey into the world of information technology, since childhood I had to study a lot and configure myself. But I was always looking for something holistic, something...
  2. wardbones

    Broadcom 4331 Wifi, ndis crashes the kernel

    Hello, friends. I followed the directions in the FreeBSD Handbook and everything went really well. I made a mistake the first time and made a 32 bit module but I loaded it and unloaded, no problem, didn't show ndis0 under ifconfig but when I made the 64-Bit module, as soon as I kldload the...