1. I

    BCM43602 - WIFI Card - 12.0-current not working

    Hello FreeBSD Users, I have installed FreeBSD on my old Apple MacBook Pro(2015). Before installing FreeBSD I have tried the Debian based Linux on my old Apple MacBook pro. Everything is working fine with Debian os. But I wanted to move it to BSD OS really badly. Now I have a problem to make...
  2. Chris_H

    Solved Broadcom BCM4306, or BCM2050 support?

    Greetings, all. I was gifted a PCI wireless NIC, and just got the opportunity to plug it into a spare I had, to see how it worked. Sadly, FreeBSD didn't even notice it. :( OK, it's a Broadcom -- see closed source; so I didn't have unrealistic expectations. ;) But I do know that alot of work has...