1. freezr

    Solved Error: bastille0 interface does not exist.

    Dear All, I would like to use Bastille on my workstation and I followed the quick guide but I could't get the interfaces working properly. I believe I followed the guide step by step and I can't figure out where is the pebcak... 🤦‍♂️ rc.conf...
  2. B

    jails Troubleshooting network connectivity inside Bastille nat jail

    Hi all, I am struggling to troubleshoot network connectivity issues on a BastilleBSD nat'd jail created using these instructions: In the container I can resolve DNS queries (e.g. pinging a url returns a valid...
  3. freezr

    jails Bastille: how to delete old bootstraps?

    Dear All, I am writing some personal documentation but I lost some notes about Bastille, and even looking at the history of the commands I can't find them, and perhaps you could help me. I remember that I had an issue cause bootstrapping from a version to a newer one filled my limited storage...
  4. freezr

    Solved Quota exceeded how to free space?

    Hi guys, while updating my VPS and bastilleBSD I didn't realized I filled all my space: df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/ufs/rootfs 10143476 9508112 -176112 102% / devfs...