1. Sivan!

    Solved or if set in etc resolv conf doesn't stay as an entry in the file after a network restart

    Don't know what happened, but suddenly websites stopped loading, ping did not work, network / modem restart didn't help, reboot did not help. I looked at /etc/resolv.conf Following instructions from a troubleshooting webpage, I edited /etc/resolv.conf to change the settings to: After service...
  2. T

    Slow network performance on WAN

    I have multiple laptops running FreeBSD 12.1 (used as a router, only 1 is active at a time) and all are maxing out at < 100 Mbps and I should be getting 200 Mbps. I tried the same hardware booted up to Ubuntu and it is seeing > 200 Mbps, so I am sure it isn't hardware. I also have tried...
  3. manas

    Collect statistics on bandwidth used by a PID

    Hello, I did a simple search for this and did not see an answer: Is there a simple way to monitor the instantaneous bandwidth usage of a process (or a process tree) based on PID? Thanks