1. L

    ZFS zfs send | zfs recv: security considerations

    Hi, I have set up zfs send | zfs recv replication as an unprivileged user. The purpose is to have an off-site backup process that is a) fast, and b) secure, in the sense that a successful cryptolocker attack on the primary backup would be partitioned off by the dint of append-only replication...
  2. P

    FreeNAS to FreeBSD, backups

    Hello, I have used FreeNAS for a number of years, mainly as a remote media server. I know this is bad practice, but I have never really done backups of any kind... Now, I need to setup a public web server that will hold user data. I have already created a FreeBSD jail (FAMP stack) on my...
  3. stratacast1

    Having troubles restoring zfs snapshot backups

    Hey everyone! I am pretty new to learning some of the cool things zfs can do, and I find after much research I am still having serious troubles with my backup method I am attempting to do. Right now I have a zfs pool with multiple subvolumes, and my idea is to take a snapshot of that pool with...