1. rafael_grether

    Solved Swap - Is it still really necessary?

    Hello guys, I have some conceptual questions. First of all, on average servers, would swap really be necessary? Or does FreeBSD already handle memory pressure so well that it doesn't need to be swapped? I don't know why, but FreeBSD Server Instances on Amazon EC2 have no swap. On NAS devices...
  2. D

    general/other AWS FreeBSD 12 won't boot

    The AWS ami (see here) for OS version 12.2 will not boot completely. In the EC2 dashboard it reports an instance reachability failure. The ARM version does work. Here is the output of an "instance screenshot" of the failing image: The console never moves beyond that point. ("never" being...
  3. T

    Racoon VPN to Strongswan VPN

    Hello, I am currently using Racoon to setup VPN tunnels but after starting to use AWS I realized that they provide support for Strongswan. I want to transition into Strongswan from Racoon; is it possible to run both simultaneously in the transition? Or must I remove Racoon configurations and...
  4. T

    Freebsd Racoon setkey configuration?

    When configuring Setkey to add Security Policy Database for AWS tunnels I understand that I should let the kernel know what traffic I want to get encrypted. And so I added my internal network to go to the remote VPC (AWS) network and the other way around. For example: spdadd
  5. P

    How to connect a FreeBSD jail to the internet? (Amazon EC2)

    I am running a FreeBSD EC2 instance with a single jail. In a regular homebrew setup, I would create a jail in "shared IP" (iocage) mode, and configure my router to forward various ports to the jail. In EC2, I am not sure whether to share the public IP or assign a new one. I created a new...
  6. Rafal Lukawiecki

    Opinions requested: FreeBSD on AWS EC2 vs Amazon Linux etc

    As a relative newcomer to FreeBSD, but something of a lapsed veteran of the Unix/System V era, I am curious about returning to my Unix roots by running FreeBSD in the Amazon and/or Azure clouds. My company online training business will be upgrading soon, and we have an option, one that arises...
  7. S

    Netmap in EC2

    Hello, all! I've been playing around with netmap successfully on various local machines but am having difficulties on EC2, specifically with FreeBSD 11. Using Collin Percival's 10.3 AMI, I'm able to add the netmap device, rebuild the kernel, and run netmap samples liked "bridge.c" However...
  8. R

    Solved Cannot connect to my remote HTTP server

    I have installed a FreeBSD10 instance on Amazon EC2. By using pkg I have also installed nodejs, npm. I have put a simple HTTP server code in my directory: /usr/ec2-user/app1/index.js with code: var koa = require('koa');// is an http app framework var app = koa(); app.use(function * () {...
  9. big_girl

    Solved Securing connections inside AWS VPC

    I have a question about securing connections from FreeBSD dataservers to an Ubuntu webserver inside the AWS VPC. One FreeBSD instance shares folders via NFSv4 and the other FreeBSD instance hosts a PostgreSQL database. These folders and database connection are shared with the Ubuntu webserver...