1. A

    Other Autofs -media mount efi partition.

    Hello, I would like to use autofs to mount removable disk. I followed the HandBook Automounting Removable media section. However, this mount a device /dev/ada1p1 which seems to be an efi partition : $ ls /media/ada1p1/ efi and $ /etc/autofs/special_media ada1p1 -fstype=msdosfs,nosuid,async...
  2. H

    Using jail nullfs mounts with autofs

    I've been trying to implement an NFS-based mounting system for some shared data between jails, and have found a mostly working solution that comes with a problem. Goal: Share an NFS-mounted directory between two jails: $jail0 and $jail1. NFS share: $ip:/path/to/share containing some common...
  3. M

    Which way to go for automounting removable media in KDE5?

    So the FreeBSD Handbook and KDE Community Wiki still tell that hald is required for KDE5 to handle automounting of removable media, although there are other solutions like autofs mentioned in the handbook, automount or dsbmd. Then there are references to kf5-solid with bsdisks as well. Since...
  4. D

    Autofs. Share your experience

    Automounting on FreeBSD was always like a black magic for me :D, I tried to make it work on FreeBSD 10.* several times, but had no luck... sysutils/hal always used to work for me (it is possible to mount using UTF-8 locale with HAL also), but now it is very outdated and required by only few...
  5. Petr Fischer

    automounting/autofs ssh filesystems

    Hello, I am finally using automount/autofs for mounting home samba shares (and my BlackBerry 10 phone, which has also Windows sharing enabled [samba inside]). Work reliably even with laptop sleeps and moving between networks (proper timeouts, no hangs etc.). My /etc/auto_master file...
  6. ericx

    Solved autofs -media documentation/example

    autofs is wonderful. Kudus to Edward Tomasz Napierała et al. I would like some help understanding how to use the -media special map. This is for a desktop with a multitude of removable media devices. I have been able to find: an example in /etc/auto_master with a tantalizing instruction to...