1. rafnizp

    Issue login in as user

    Hi Guys Currently I'm running Freebsd 12.1 Release using VMware Fusion on MAC and having problem to log in as regular user It looks like issue started after installing bash package but not 100% sure if this is the case. Now when I try to log in as user who is also member of wheel I have...
  2. C

    FreeBSD audit by folder??

    Hello Everyone: The audit system in FreeBSD currently support auditing by user id only. Is it possible to support auditing by folder(I just wanna to audit specific folder,whoever access it)?? Thanks anyway!!
  3. khuman

    NFS share audit

    Hi, everyone! I need audit file operations (create, write, change, delete) for NFS shares (ZFS). I'm trying to configure auditd: dir:/var/log/audit dist:off flags:fc,fd,fw minfree:5 naflags:fc,fd,fw policy:cnt,argv filesz:512M expire-after:30d But after create, modify or delete file via...