audio output error

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    FreeBSD 13.2 not detecting speakers on laptop

    I'm trying to test setting up FreeBSD to replace chromeos on an HP chrome-book (14a-nb0013dx). The sound card seems to be found: but is only showing the HDMI out, not the speakers or headphone jack. USB audio works as expected, as does everything else on the install. For the installation I...
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    Audio/Headphone using FreeBSD 12-release in Dell Inspiron 17-7573 (i7573-7994GRY-PUS)

    Hello everyone, I've been going back and forth on my attempts to depart from Linux in favor for FreeBSD in my new laptop. I have, however, been struggling to have audio over the headphone jack at the left. The audio card in this box is a Realtek ALC3254, and works alike a charm in Manjaro...
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    oss audio output error cannot write samples invalid argument fix

    if sound requires restart sysctl.conf dev.hdac.%d.polling=1