1. H

    Solved Apple(R) Trackpads on FreeBSD.

    Hello! I recently installed FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE (r371126 GENERIC) to my MacBook4,1, which is an A1181 (white polycarbonate) model. The "ums" driver seems to make the trackpad "partially" work. The thing does move around the screen, the physical button clicks, but there's no scroll feature and...
  2. chantk

    Powerbook touchpad not initialized

    Hi there, I recently adopted an orphaned Powerbook G4 so I thought I can make good use of it. I installed FreeBSD 11.0 on it. Kernel panic and reboot loop. Then I tried 10.1. It booted fine. But in both cases, the touchpad failed to initialize. ums0: <vendor 0x05ac product 0x1000, class 0/0...
  3. drscream

    Solved Looking for touchpad improvement for MacBook

    Dear all, i'm looking for an improvement or solution to setup and configure the touchpad on X11 correctly on my MacBook Air. Currently I'm running FreeBSD 11-CURRENT and using the atp -- Apple Touchpad Driver. The touchpad is working on the frame buffer and X11 but it's really hard to use. I...