1. C

    atheros wifi in hostap mode issues (and `sysctl dev.ath`)

    So, it's a long story. First, I tried OpenBSD with their athn driver to have a wireless AP. I set it up, but I started getting constant disconnects. The AP would stop broadcasting signal after a few minutes. The moment I would cycle the wireless interface up/down I could connect again. There...
  2. SoBe

    ath used as AP, is there any transmit power adjustments??

    How can I turn up my power on ath wireless set to AP? I have tried "dev.ath.0.tpc 0 = disable 1 = enable Switch on or off Transmission Power Control. Can be tricky in point to multipoint applications. dev.ath.0.tpscale 0,1,2,3,4 Size of the increment that TPC will use to up/down the power...