1. T

    Solved Allowing selective traffic from/to wlan with -apbridge set (starting with ARP)

    I have an AP+bridge+firewall ("router") running FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE r366954 GENERIC amd64. It's roughly set up as follows: - igb0 connects to my ISP via DHCP. (Disabled while I debug this.) - bridge0 has dnsmasq running on it as a DHCP server and DNS server. (Only dynamic addresses at the...
  2. R

    VNET ARP replies are lost

    My setup is as follows: freenas ---- switch ---- station freenas is running FreeBSD 11.2 with iocage jail using VNET/VIMAGE network stack (though same behaviour is observed on warden jails and previous FreeBSD releases) It all started when I noticed that station loses connection to jail...
  3. gugabsd

    Alternative to Carp arp.balance

    Hi guys, I've created a way to simulate the arp.balance option that existed in previous versions of Carp in FreeBSD. what do you think ? In principle this solves my case, but would i have problems with arp tables? or was this...
  4. Charlie Root

    Solved CARP and arp table

    Hi, I have trouble when setting up carp for gateway server. Server A has ip address , server B has address They share virtual ip address by carp and they are in the same vlan. Problem is: If server C has ip address and set default gateway to one of...
  5. M

    Solved ARP log to a separate file

    Hi, Is there any way to redirect all ARP log messages to a separate file? Those messages look like this: Apr 1 15:03:59 router kernel: arp: fa:4b:bc:12:7a:7d attempts to modify permanent entry for on vlan3 Right now I have them in /var/log/messages in pair with a lof of other...