1. L

    Solved How to Send a Text to Arduino

    Hello friends I've done this before on Linux but apparently I have to do something else on FreeBSD and I couldn't find any articles on the internet and our friends at Matrix couldn't help me. I have connected an arduino to the LCD and I want my FreeBSD IP to be displayed on the LCD. i really...
  2. aperechnev

    Solved I can't upload my sketch to Arduino Uno using avrdude

    I have already spent a couple of days by trying to upload a sketch onto my Arduino Uno R3 board and now it's time to give up, so I'm trying to ask some more experienced developers. My hardware and software configuration is: FreeBSD-14.0-RELEASE Arduino Uno R3 with Atmega16u2 USB-to-Serial chip...
  3. kodcode

    Solved Arduino CLI - Can't compile/upload code from CLI

    Hello everyone, following I created the Makefile but upon running make install flash clean cleandepend I get the following error: kodcode@inspiron:~/ArduinoMake $ make install flash clean cleandepend avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p -g -std=gnu99 -Os -fno-exceptions...