1. First_Law_of_Unix

    How to get p7zip GUI working on FreeBSD?

    It seems the p7zip is deleted from the ports: I'm using PeaZip and it is throwing errors when trying to compress files: Anyone able to get p7zip GUI archiver to work on FreeBSD 13.1? Thanks.
  2. S

    FreeBSD expat vs libxml

    Some FreeBSD utilities use expat or libxml to parse XML. For example this is clear in archivers/xar from the following section of code: #if HAVE_LIBXML_XMLREADER_H #include <libxml/xmlreader.h> #elif HAVE_BSDXML_H #include <bsdxml.h> #elif HAVE_EXPAT_H #include <expat.h> Looks like expat is...