1. DtxdF

    Using geli(8) with AppJail

    geli(8) is one of the most powerful block device-layer disk encryption system available in FreeBSD, which protects our data against cold storage attacks. geli(8) encrypts our data so that a skilled intruder cannot see sensitive documents, or modify our data without us noticing that a...
  2. DtxdF

    How to Install Gitea on FreeBSD Using Appjail Director

    Managing our development projects is very easy nowadays, there are so many services to choose from, some with less or more features, but there is an open source project, self-hosted, with so many features that can be installed in a few minutes and the best part is that we can install it on...
  3. DtxdF

    Using ZFS inside a jail

    I have created a HowTo about using ZFS inside a jail with AppJail:
  4. DtxdF

    Install WordPress With Appjail Director

    What Are AppJail and AppJail Director? AppJail is a framework that provides preconfigured and self-contained applications, frameworks and software stacks, such as WordPress. Using this tool we will have a package installed inside a jail, a lightweight and isolated environment with any custom...
  5. DtxdF

    Python Python With Appjail | FastAPI

    Hi, I share this post from my (new) blog to show how to use AppJail and its Makejails to develop an API using FastAPI. Python With Appjail | FastAPI
  6. DtxdF

    jails AppJail: Simple and easy-to-use tool for creating portable jails.

    AppJail is an open source framework entirely written in sh and C to create isolated, portable and easy to deploy environments using FreeBSD jails that behaves like an application. Features: Easy to use. Parallel startup (Jails & NAT). UFS and ZFS support. RACCT/RCTL support. NAT support. Port...