1. Cath O'Deray

    Solved XenForo: allow seeking three-character strings

    A question for the XenForo service administrators here. Please, can you enable support for three-character strings? I'm on my knees. Begging. Thanks (… and NB, for all readers, the question here is XenForo feature-specific, so Google is not an answer; neither is DuckDuckGo … and so on)...
  2. decuser

    FreeBSD 13 annoyances?

    Anybody got any Freebsd 13 annoyances, yet? BTW, so far, I'm loving 13, so this isn't a knock on the release - it's beautiful. However, things are different and different is... well, different... and often annoying, so I have an example: One of the first things I noticed with my shiny new...