1. B

    IPFW application hosted in amazon the IP changes from time to time

    Hello, I need to release an application that accesses the amazon. With each ping in the URL of the application hosted in amazon the IP changes from time to time. The local application does not support proxy. I use freebsd / ipfw. Example ping return: -> a.a.a.b
  2. Rafal Lukawiecki

    Opinions requested: FreeBSD on AWS EC2 vs Amazon Linux etc

    As a relative newcomer to FreeBSD, but something of a lapsed veteran of the Unix/System V era, I am curious about returning to my Unix roots by running FreeBSD in the Amazon and/or Azure clouds. My company online training business will be upgrading soon, and we have an option, one that arises...
  3. uchman

    Updating to 11.1-RELEASE failed on EC2

    Hi! I have a few machines running on Amazon cloud (EC2) and I was going to update them to 11.1 today. But all of them hangs in the loader after the upgrade. (If I install a new machine with 11.0 and then updates it works just fine. But my old machines hangs). I noticed this problem already in...