amazon web services

  1. uchman

    Updating to 11.1-RELEASE failed on EC2

    Hi! I have a few machines running on Amazon cloud (EC2) and I was going to update them to 11.1 today. But all of them hangs in the loader after the upgrade. (If I install a new machine with 11.0 and then updates it works just fine. But my old machines hangs). I noticed this problem already in...
  2. M

    Startup hosting and sleeping well (encryption)

    I’ve never been in a server room from which I could not steal a random hard drive without getting caught, if I wanted. I have been in server hosting companies’ rooms in more than one countries. Should I find one that employs guards with machine guns, still there is a point from which it isn’t...
  3. arenoir

    Multiple public network interfaces not accessable on Amazon EC2/VPC

    Is it possible to have a Amazon EC2 instance attach to multiple VPC interfaces? I currently have 3 VPC interfaces with public ip address attached to a FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE instance. The configuration looks good and appears to be quite flexible. However I can only ping the public address of the...
  4. neogeo

    Cloud Computing with OpenStack, AWS, and the FreeBSD AWS AMI - A Short Overview

    Though it diverges topically towards a primarily Linux-oriented architecture -- topically, as towards the origins of the Xen Project, the Xen Hypervisor, and concepts of software defined networking (SDN) with the Xen framework, as Xen being a project developed originally in the Linux developers...