amateur radio

  1. lu9dce

    New MSHV hamradio soft

    Greetings to all a few days ago the developer Christo, LZ2HV amateur radio step your soft for freebsd in version 13 it works perfectly from the RC5 he communicated the following to me But for new version of FreeBSD (13.1 RC5 and RC6) have a problem, I installed and tested, problem is, Something...
  2. lu9dce

    new program for radio amateurs ft8 (mshv) MSHV Amateur Radio Software MSHV Supported working modes: MSK JTMS FSK ISCAT...
  3. lu9dce

    hamradio ax25 new soft for freebsd

    With all these programs the absence of ax25 in freebsd is covered all the complete package - bbs / modem / terminal for now are the binaries alone but in the course of a few days the source code will be delivered ------------------------------------ TERMINAL remote terminal for bpq bbs with...
  4. PacketMan

    Amateur (ham) radio ports

    Good day everyone, happy Friday!! I've gotten into ham radio, and I got to say: there has never been a better time to get into the hobby there has never been a better time for FreeBSD ports for the hobby I wish I had, had, more time to become a code writer / ports developer. I really regret...
  5. Freakbeat

    hamradio - CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller, help.

    Hi all, I'm trying to setup my radio with usb interface but I don't know what I'm missing, the radio is an ICOM IC-7200 and it comes with an USB interface, the system sees it and I see few files under /dev/ but when I tried to use WSJT-X it doesn't work. I don't know the settings. Any help...
  6. K

    Solved Fatal error installing Flmsg from ports.

    While installing flmsg from the ports in /usr/ports/comms on a FreeBSD 12.0 RELEASE installation (which is working fine otherwise), I get a "...fatal error: 'X11/X.h file not found." The error message is as follows: In file included from /usr/local/include/FL/x.h:37...
  7. S

    Is there any radio software?

    It seems Radiotray is not in ports. Sincerely!
  8. CodeBlock

    FreeBSD and Ham Radio

    I know some of you guys are ham radio operators (especially because I know some BSD-using hams from IRC). Anyway, who here is a ham radio op? What is your callsign? Do you use BSD to do any rig-control or logging, etc?
  9. mathuin

    How to get my new devices committed?

    I use the RIGtalk and RIGblaster Plug and Play devices made by West Mountain Radio with my ham radio gear. The devices both use the Silicon Labs chip and I've modified usbdevs and uslcom.c to support the devices. How do I get these patches added to the kernel permanently so other folks can use...