1. Z

    FreeBSD BananaPi SDcard u-boot, sector alignment and stripesize - HowTo and DontKnowHowTo +Resume

    Hello BSDler, my first post here in the BSD area at all. Please be patient. O:‑) I used FreeBSD before in some virtual environments, compiled simple applications / driver. But not that much. Instead, I have several years of experience in linux. Just as a sideinfo about me. I want to use...
  2. grahamperrin

    Solved GPT fdisk (gdisk(8)) and gpart(8)

    When gdisk(8) adds the first partition to a disk, it defaults to 1 M free space before the partition, for example: root@mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd:~ # gpart show da4 => 34 976773101 da4 GPT (466G) 34 2014 - free - (1.0M) 2048 976771087 1 freebsd-ufs...
  3. rdslw

    Solved gpart 4k alignment

    I do not understand why gpart thinks that 4k alignment means starting first partition at sector 41, instead of usual 40. Sector size is 512, so 4k alignment should result in starting 40. [root@cyan ~]# gpart create -s GPT ada0 ada0 created [root@cyan ~]# gpart add -t freebsd-boot -s 1024 ada0...
  4. F

    Other SSD not automatically aligned?

    I let FreeBSD 10.2 Release's installer use the whole SSD. Now I read about the tool gpart, so I typed gpart show, and this is what is displayed: => 63 250069617 ada0 MBR (119G) 63 63 - free - (32K) 126 249561018 1 freebsd [active] (119G) 249561144 508536 - free - (248M)...