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    Solved First alias in config ignored

    Hi all, I am having an odd issue. This is the network specific config in my rc.conf: ifconfig_em0="up" ifconfig_em1="up" ifconfig_em2="up" ifconfig_em3="up" cloned_interfaces="lagg0 bridge0 tap0" ifconfig_lagg0="laggproto loadbalance laggport em0 laggport em1 laggport em2 laggport em3 dhcp" #...
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    Solved Why are my Aliases not Accepted? [CSH and SH]

    Hello everyone, I'm following Urban Penguin's (UP) Udemy course on FreeBSD; in module eight he enlightens me on the existence of aliases, a remarkably useful feature. Supplemented by this FreeBSD Wiki on aliases, I tried to follow UP's example and add an alias to the cshell. I open .cshrc, in...