1. fr33bsd

    ZFS Pool Performance When Using Geli

    Hi people, on one of my storage servers (12 spin disks), I run geli with AES CBC encryption due to prevent physical data hijacking by evil data center personel ;). As far as I know AES CBC is slower than AES XTC. How ever, I would like to ask you about your performance experience regarding...
  2. Beeblebrox

    Solved GELI questions for swap

    I just placed an fstab entry as below, after doing a dd wipe on swap partition and seems to work, defaults to AES AFAIK. /dev/ada0p1.eli none swap sw,keylen=256,sectorsize=4096 0 0 The handbook states use of geli onetime -d -e 3des ada0p1 * Is 3DES more appropriate than AES for swap? * Do I...