1. byrnejb

    FreeBSD utility to open and fill pdf forms created in Adobe 8 +

    Government pdf forms requiring Adobe 8+ to read and fill are beginning to be distributed. What utilities exist on FreeBSd to handle these?
  2. W

    FreeBSD for creating education videos?

    Some of the tools I use for creating videos include: - Apple Keynote for presentation - Adobe Captivate (desktop version) for video editing and screen recording - Screencast-o-matic for screen recording - Lumi to create interactive H5P packages Lumi might work on FreeBSD, none of the others...
  3. D

    Solved Standalone Flash Player?

    Hear me out, I'm in the same boat as anyone else that Flash is garbage that deserved to die but that's not the point of this thread. There has been thousands of wonderful games that were made in Flash (it was better for games than its actual purpose!) and there's still many that can't be ported...