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    Solved Enable ZFS encryption during adduser

    Hey Everyone, I selected Enable ZFS encryption in the adduser step during the installation of FreeBSD14.1 stable. After I restarted, the data in my Home directory became invisible. I guess this is caused by Enable ZFS encryption. What should I do to solve this problem?
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    Solved Deluge with a custom user: 'fopen', 'Permission denied'

    I have problems creating a user that can run the Deluge daemon properly. I've created a system user that is supposed to run deluged. pw adduser deluge -d /usr/local/etc/deluge/home -s /usr/sbin/nologin -c "Deluge daemon" Afterwards I added deluged_user="deluge" to my rc.conf and started the...
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    What are the Powers of the Wheel User?

    There is no clear information in the Manual about the powers of the Wheel User. Other than the ability to execute the ‘su’ Command for logging in as Superuser without logging out, I can’t detect any special powers. Are there any? Additionally, why does the ‘adduser’ Command in V11.3 no longer...